Pots from Stringtown Pottery

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container with hemp, bone, & magnolia


raku-fired lantern


container with hemp and bone


4 tier container with hemp and bone


All pieces were made by David Huber of Stringtown Pottery, Townsend, Tennessee.

For more on David and Stringtown Pottery, visit: http://www.townsendthepeacefulside.com/stringtownpottery/stringtown_toc.htm



Hiking the Inca Trail

•10/26/2010 • 1 Comment

View of the Andes, Peru


A canopy of moss shades a stretch of the Inca Trail, Peru


Fog rising in the valley, Peru


Tree covered with bromiliads, Peru



Street Views from Peru

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View from an alley, Cusco, Peru


Looking up a street in Cusco, Peru


Woman with a bag of flowers amidst construction, Cusco, Peru


Peruvian Murals

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Black and white street mural, Cusco, Peru


Mural near the Temple of the Sun, Cusco, Peru


Mural on the back of a fountain in Cusco, Peru


Fluff n’ Stuff

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Springtime canopy – Norman, Oklahoma


Clouds over Colorado – Somewhere, Southeastern Colorado


Hydrangea – Norman, Oklahoma



Seeing Double

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Who’s calling, please? – Norman, Oklahoma


Perfect pitch – Norman, Oklahoma


Still life with books, pottery, and records – Norman, Oklahoma


Dead Man Walking in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



Signs of the Prairie

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Thistles – Near the Oklahoma/Texas border


Detail from a field – Comanche County, Oklahoma


Flower patch – North Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Lonely, prickly – Near the Oklahoma/Texas border