Three Chats, Three Shots






 Locust, Maggie, and Marmalade in Norman, Oklahoma



~ by myotismyotis on 08/01/2009.

2 Responses to “Three Chats, Three Shots”

  1. I love the new stuff Nicholas !

    very sweet pictures…

    Keep ’em comin’..

  2. This is tough,
    but I have to give “most photogenic” to Locust. Here’s my reasoning:
    Though Marmalade has my favorite pose of the bunch- the third photo, with the ears drooped from their previous position- she only gets my “Most Improved” vote. It’s a shame. She shows promise…
    Now it gets tougher. And I think the obvious choice is Maggie. I mean, she doesn’t repeat the mistake that Marm does (posing in the same way for two different pictures: variety, people). Still, that is just the “obvious” choice, and while that yawn is liable to win over many hearts, we cat people know that that is an easy pose. I will give it to her, though- she does seem to have a complexity of emotions: nobility, boredom, and curiosity respectively.
    And the winner, Locust: Notice that it is when the other two cats are bored that Locust is attentive, and it is when they are curious that Locust is like, “meh. old news.” I mean, does it take them THAT long to catch on to the show? Where were they in the first shot, when Locust was just daring any would-be photographer- just look at that stare down. Lastly, I have to give that cat props for keeping the pose with the left paw; looks as if it was suspended in air.

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