Free Flight

the church of st. stephens of the bulgars

Corvus corax, or Common Raven Encircling the Tower of the Church of St. Stephen of the Bulgars, a Bulgarian Orthodox Institution in Fatih, Turkey; the Bird’s Call Fiercely Echoing Through the Tower’s Open Portal. (The Structure is Famously Known for Being Fully Constructed of Cast Iron, Replacing the Original Wooden Structure that Collapsed in a Fire.) 


yesil camii at iznik 6

A Gliding Crane Near the Yesil Camii (Mosque) in Iznik, Turkey


At Yosemite National Park in East Central California

High Upon a Hill in Yosemite National Park, East Central California


bird at the walls of theodosius

A Crow, Landing Near the Base of the Ancient Walls of Theodosius and Constantinople, Istanbul, Turkey



~ by myotismyotis on 08/18/2009.

2 Responses to “Free Flight”

  1. are you personally taking these pictures ?

    …they are wonderful !

  2. these pictures are high quality…what camera did u use?

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