Handmade Stars

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Plastic stars on glass – Norman, Oklahoma


Painted stone above doorway at the Sokullu Mehmed Pasha Complex, Eminonu, Turkey


Hanging oragami star – Norman, Oklahoma



Hungry Animals

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Baby robins await their mother’s return – Norman, Oklahoma


Ready to munch – Norman, Oklahoma


Watching the humans eat – Istanbul, Turkey


Pigeon feeding – Istanbul, Turkey


A satisfied sheep – Acton, California




Turn, Spin, Whirl, and Rotate

•07/22/2010 • 1 Comment

Spinning wheel – Norman, Oklahoma


Windmill in winter – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


I love bikes! – Norman, Oklahoma


Flaming hoolahoop – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Abandoned iron wagon wheel rim, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma




i heart animals

•04/20/2010 • 1 Comment

Big-hearted hummingbird – Los Angeles, California


…so leave them be. – Norman, Oklahoma


Traveler’s grave – Lexington, Virginia



Handspun Yarns

•03/27/2010 • 3 Comments

Blue Faced Leicester Yarn – Norman, Oklahoma


Multi-colored spun wool – Norman, Oklahoma


Alpaca fiber – Norman, Oklahoma



Ode to RTK

•03/10/2010 • 2 Comments

RTK In Sculpture – Dallas, Texas


RTK in Ink – Norman, Oklahoma


RTK in Motion – Los Angeles, California


RTK in the Street – San Diego, California


RTK in Person – Santa Monica, California


Tied Up

•03/04/2010 • 1 Comment

Wound hammock- Sterling, Oklahoma


Bone, rope, wood, chain, plastic – Norman, Oklahoma


Keep your tomatoes up! – Lexington, Virginia